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American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament

ACPT Online Solving

Solve online the puzzles played at the live tournament (years 2007-2019,2021-2022). Compare your scores with other online solvers! You choose a "player name" which others will see. The online competition is for fun and bragging rights only, not for prizes.

Step 1: Get Your Account

If this is your first online tournament, please create an account. Your email address and a password are your "ticket" to the puzzles.

Step 2: Solve Sample Puzzles

Solve sample puzzles using the software, including puzzles from an earlier Tournament. Take some time to get used to working with the software so you can be more competitive! Be sure to create an account first, or that you have an account from previous years.

Step 3: Purchase Your Puzzles

Log in to try our sample puzzles and also to purchase puzzles through 2022 (there was no tournament in 2020). The fee is $20, paid online or by check.

Step 4: Get Solving!

When you are ready to solve, log in above with your email address and password to gain access to the puzzles. Any puzzles prior to the upcoming tournament can be solved right away.

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